Back in Bohars

In May 2022 we were able to visit Bohars again, after a covid-induced interval.

We visited Les Ateliers des Capuchins right in the heart of Brest, the biggest covered public square in Europe. It has a varied history of being a monastery, then workshops for various activities including fabrication precision equipment for warships, and now is an open space community workspace and museum

Outside Les Ateliers des Capuchins
Exhibit at Les Ateliers des Capuchins

We also went to Locronan, a a medieval unspoiled village in Brittany, south of Brest, a delightful village with some strange characters!

Twinners at Locronan
A Quiet Drink in Locronan
More Characters at Locronan
Medieval games at Locronan

We also visited a Cabaret, exchanged a celebration cake and gifts for 40 years of twinning, making the firm statement that after 2 years of pandemic, we are back and open for business. We were all looked after very well, and all 9 of us had a very good and fruitful time!