Bohars May 2014 – part 1 – Marché de St Renan

This is the first of several posts showing what we got up to on our long-weekend visit to Bohars over the May 2014 Bank Holiday.

We visited the market at St Renan – narrow streets packed with stalls selling every kind of fresh fruit and veg and much more.


Select your own live crab (crabe) or lobster (homard)…


If you don’t want a whole loaf they will happily cut you a half…


A corner of the town square…


Stawberries (fraises) lined up with military precision…


You wouldn’t be in France without the chance to buy some cheese.  The one with seaweed (fromage aux algues) is particularly nice…


And finally some colourful spices (épices)…


So now you know just a little of what we saw in the market, and maybe learned a few words of French at the same time.

In the News

The recent visit  to our twin-town Bohars was featured in the regional newspaper Le Télégramme.


You can read the original article on their website.

Here’s my translation (apologies in advance for any errors):

The Bohars-Tarporley twinning committee celebrated its 30th anniversary this weekend. David Dunning, the English president, crossed the Channel with 11 other English twinners. Raymond Le Goueff, the current Boharsien twinning  president,  gave them a “30th Anniversary Special” Breton hat, and the mayor presented a gift box during a buffet dinner* on Saturday night attended by 80 people.
On Sunday, 37 people headed to Guerledan in the Côtes-d’Armor for a lunch cruise on the lake, under a bright sun, before a visit to this part of inland Brittany. Twenty young people from  Tarporley cross the Channel every year to continue this friendship of 30 years.  The English return by boat today.
( * I reckon “un apéro dînatoire” means a dinner with drinks but not at the table – anyway  it was a buffet.   I was there.  And drinks, music, dancing and fireworks – more of that later. )